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Our ultimate goal is to treat all of your belongings with the utmost care and professionalism. Our Dallas Movers watch for every small detail to make the process stress free for you. Get In touch with the #1 Dallas moving company!

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We understand how much cost will determine your choice for movers. Best Movers Dallas offers exceptional services at competitive prices. You won’t have any surprises when you get the bill! To limit your expenses, we recommend the following:

Book Your Dallas Movers In Advance

Direct our Dallas movers to the big and bulky items first, items that you won’t be able handle yourself or in your personal vehicle. These items include:

If possible, disassemble furniture in advance so our Dallas movers will only secure them before loading. On this note, it is worth mentioning that IKEA furniture usually take the longest to disassemble because of the materials and hardware used to hold them together.

Reduce and consolidate your volume, beware of loose items.

Additional Reasons To Trust Best Movers Dallas

How Do You Prepare Your Boxes For Moving?

Boxes are probably the single most common item during any type of move whether residential, commercial or long distance. It can be a headache since we tend to accumulate with time, and it is very easy to get discouraged. While we recommend calling on our Dallas Movers to plan and execute your move, these are a few pieces of advice if you decide to do it yourself.

Since different items go to different types of boxes, start sorting items that will and won’t get packed together such as: CDs, DVDs, books, clothing, decorations, documents etc. This will allow you or our Dallas Movers to know how many boxes will be required for the same similar items.

You will need a combination of small, medium and large boxes.

The purpose of this exercise is to place items in the type of box they belong to. For example, books do not belong in a standard box which is built to accommodate lighter items. Our Dallas Movers can supply you with the needed boxes if necessary.

Fragile items should always be packed with proper packing materials inside to prevent damages. Wardrobes will allow for your clothes to remain wrinkle free during the moving process.

Heavy items should always be loaded first and placed at the bottom. Make sure to line the bottom with a cushion such as packing papers or peanuts. Our Dallas Movers will answer any questions you might have to avoid mistakes while packing as well provide guidance that fits your needs and requirements.

We are dedicated to safe, secure and efficient handling of your belongings, reach out to our Dallas Movers today to schedule your move!