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With hundreds of satisfied customers annually, Best Movers Dallas is one of the most preferred moving companies when it comes to moving homes.

Our experienced and friendly staff will walk you through every step of the moving process, tailoring the service to your specific requirements.Our services come at fair and competitive prices.We are proud to be known as the Best Home Movers in Dallas!

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Nothing makes moving more stressful than a team of movers who do not take proper care of their customers’ items.Leaving every job with happy customers is our top priority and one of the reasons our growth has been largely due to word of mouth.We take all concerns into close consideration and you can count on us to get the job done.

As a standard part of our moving services, we offer blanket wrapping of all items and stretch wrapping at no additional cost.Our trucks come stocked with the equipment and supplies tailored to your specific moving needs.Best Movers Dallas has been working with home owners in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for the past 15 years ! For larger homes, we recommend our free -on site estimate.One of our moving specialists will make the trip to evaluate your move size, take notes of items that require special attention and establish safety precautions for children and pets.We also use this walkthrough to advise on how to prepare your appliances for moving.

Home Moving Checklist

Four-Six Weeks before Move day: Get our free on-site estimate

After visiting properties in search of the home that fit your needs, you have come a long way to finalized a closing or moving date. Now is the time to contact a reputable moving company like Best Movers Dallas. One of our Moving specialist comes out to inspect and evaluate your current location and take notes of any and all requirements necessary to execute the move efficiently. We will provide you with a formal moving quote as well as answer any questions you might have.

Two-Four Weeks before Move day: Set up a Move date

Once your closing or move date has been determined, we recommend 2 to 4 weeks notice.

This is also the time frame you should decide how much of the content of your current home will you be moving as well as getting rid of unwanted items.If friends and family members are unable to assist with your unwanted furniture, Best Movers Dallas can assist with the removal and environmentally safe way to dispose items no longer needed. We are dedicated to safe, secure and efficient handling of your belongings.

One -Two Weeks before Move day: Organize

If you are planning on packing everything yourself, ensure that you have the right packing materials in order to pack your items safely and securely. Use Specialized boxes for items such as pictures and mirrors, clothes and dishes.Make sure to use enough bubble wrap and packing paper for delicates and breakables.Make sure all boxes and taped, labelled and the weight is evenly divided.Mark boxes with delicate content as fragile. Light clothing can remain in the dressers along with all drawers.You will always have much more stuff than you ever anticipated, this is not a job to be left to the last minute.

Moving Day

Ensure all appliances have been unplugged the night before and all last minute items packed. For your peace of mind we also recommend you arrange for irreplaceables and sentimental items to be moved separately. Best Movers Dallas will help you with anything you require or ask.

What is Needed for a Successful Home Relocation?

Whether you are moving from a mansion or a standard 3 bedroom one story, a successful home move starts with proper packing and wrapping of all items and furniture. This is the most important step of the entire process. It is also an opportunity to dispose, sell or recycle items that you will not be taking with you. Different household items require different types of protection, the single most used items are boxes. We recommend the right built and size from the following options:

Standard Boxes: To be used for all non fragile items such as toys, clothes, kitchen utensils etc.

In addition and depending on your specific needs, the following types should be considered:

Mailers, Storage file boxes, Artwork shippers, Foam shippers, Printers boxes etc. Boxes should be taped and labelled, this will help our moving crew place every one of them in the room they are intended for while unloading.

As for all moves our services include:

Protecting Your Appliances During A Move

Our experienced movers will slowly and carefully move valuable appliances that you might still be paying for! We recommend you use the help of a professional plumber or maintenance specialist to unplug any appliances connected to a water or gas line.

Let us take on these tasks together:

Best Movers Dallas Understands not every house moves are identical, we are committed to taking into account your specific needs, requirements and instructions.