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For all your relocation needs in Irving TX, trust a moving company with a reputation of excellence since 2004. Our Irving movers have made it a breeze! We are dedicated to a safe, secure and efficient move of your belongings. Our Movers in Irving are committed to service excellence.

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5 Things Our Movers In Irving Are Not Allowed To Take

While packing your belongings for your upcoming move, you might ask yourself what are the items my Irving movers may not take with them for health and security reasons?

1. Plants

Keep your plants safe and secure by moving them to your new residence in your personal vehicle! Like most movers in Irving, we would rather not move live plants as they can be damaged or die. Plants can also damage other items in the truck if they are not kept in a vertical position. Change in temperature in the cargo area for a long period of time can also have a negative impact on them. Our Irving movers will provide the necessary guidance as well place these items in your personal vehicle if asked.

2. Perishable Food

While transitioning from the old to your new residence, our Irving movers will recommend you move all perishable food or consider donating them to avoid waste. Perishable food includes:

Milk, butter, meats etc. Any perishable food that sits out longer than a couple hours without refrigeration should be treated as unsafe. Our Irving movers will happily answer any questions you might have.

3. Combustibles

Our insurance company forbids us from moving combustible items for obvious reasons. For example, a lawn mower will have to be emptied of all oils and gasoline prior to be taken by our Irving movers.

As a general rule to follow, any items that can endanger our cargo or Irving movers should not be transported in the moving trucks. Other items that cannot be moved include propane tanks, paints and charcoal. Our Irving Movers will provide intelligent advice on any item you might be wondering about.

4. Chemicals

On a similar note, and to protect the health and safety of our Irving movers and the cargo, items like bleach, nail polish removers, detergent and cleaning chemicals should not be part of the move. Like most movers in Irving, we are dedicated to safety and security.

5. Sentimental And Valuable Items

As for sentimental items, there is not a rule or safety risk preventing our Irving movers from transporting them, however we strongly recommend you keep and move them separately. Ask yourself if a given item can be replace in case of damage? If the answer to this question is no, we recommend you move those separately in your personal vehicle. In the same category, our movers in Irving would rather not take:

  • Cash and any other type of currency
  • Financial documents
  • Jewelry
  • Check books
  • Credit cards
  • Passport
  • Medicine
  • Birth certificates

For any items you might not be sure about, our Irving Movers will happily give you proper advice. Reach out to us today to schedule your move.