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If you are looking for a position with a reputable company, look no further! Best Movers Dallas offers excellent career opportunities. We are currently seeking skilled, hard working and detailed oriented people to share our continued growth and success. We are now hiring for moving positions in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Tips For Success

Never ask for a tip

Customers should never have to feel pressured or intimidated to tip.Understand that you are not entitled to a tip.Your attention to details and overall attitude will get noticed.

Never Be on your cell phone or play loud music

Keep your cell phone on vibrate or in the truck while working, keep in mind customers are paying by the hours, non essential calls should be made or received during breaks.

Never use foul languages or tell rude jokes

Whether talking to the customer or a co-worker it is important to show professionalism in the way we communicate.Someone in the background is always listening, it might be a child.

Never tell the customer what they should or shouldn’t have done

This is especially true when the customer(s) is not fully packed or organized for whatever the reason.

Take responsibility for mistakes or damages

A mover who tells you he has never made a mistake is probably lying to you. Honesty and responsibility will go a long way for all parties involved.

Do not smoke near customer(s) or their property

If you have to take a smoke break, we encourage you to walk off the customer(s) property. Never smoke in the back of the truck with the customer’s furniture.

Address Customers as ” Sir” or ” Ma’am”

Being polite and respectful will get you noticed every time, Good or bad things we do or say reflect on the whole team.

Keep Breaks to a minimum

Make sure to tell customer(s) when you are taking a break and when you will return. This is especially important on hourly charged moves.

Always Be presentable

Always Be on time