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Whether you are searching for your first Dallas Movers, Moving to a high-rise downtown or the floor below, you will need the help of a well established moving company. Best Movers Dallas will ensure that every item collected at Point A arrives at Point B in its original condition.As highly rated Dallas Movers, we bring the expertise to cater all your relocation needs. No move is too big or too small for us!

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Affordable Apartment Movers in Dallas

Most of us remember a time or two we choosed the options of moving ourselves with the help of family and friends, the assumption is probably because a full service mover will come with a high cost. Considering everything that goes into the cost of moving yourself: Rental truck, Moving materials, damages and potential injuries, Best Movers Dallas offers the best quality/cost ratio whether moving a 1 or 3 bedroom!

Additionally, Our Dallas Moving Services have absolutely no hidden charges, ever! Consider these tips to keep your moving cost low:

Why Hire Professional Movers in Dallas?

We can all count on friends and family but will everyone be available on move day? Our trained and professional movers are equipped with the right equipment to handle both heavy furniture and special items without straining a muscle. These repetitive tasks get easier for our movers to your advantage!

Every apartment move brings a different set of challenges difficult to foresee in advance: from tight corners with big furniture, long walks down the hallway to couches that won’t fit in the elevators. Our Dallas Movers have a vast amount of knowledge and skills to ensure that correct policies and procedures are followed throughout the entire move. Our primary goal is to make the moving process as smooth as possible, leaving nothing to chance.

Consider the following benefits to hiring our professional movers:

Top 10 Tips For a Stress Free Move

1. Move sentimental and irreplaceable items separately

If you care a lot about that ceramic sculpture that has been in the family for 2 generations, or a signed autograph from a famed actor, we recommend you pack and move those items prior to move day. The reason? A monetary compensation might not be enough in case of damage even though we always take the necessary precautions. The same is true with important and personal documents such as passports, diplomas or birth certificates.

2. Pack your boxes efficiently

While our movers can handle boxes weighing up to 50-60 lbs, it is recommended boxes are packed fully, with the weight evenly distributed. A half empty box can result in items being crushed or damaged.

3. Move All liquids in plastic containers

When packing cooking oils, vinegar or honey, we recommend these items be packed and moved separately from other pantry items. The risk that they might leak and stain everything around is very high. We recommend these items be moved in plastic containers that can be cleaned in case of a spill.

4. Keep children and pets aside

As much as possible, pets and young children should be assigned to a room where movers won’t have to go in and out frequently. Maybe spend the day with family or friends! We are dedicated to a secure and efficient move of your belongings, as well as the safety of everyone around.

5. Disconnect and unplug appliances

We recommend washers and dryers be disconnected prior to the move, and the refrigerator should be unplugged for at least 24 hours ahead of time to allow for a complete defrost before it is moved. Ice will melt and leak, which can cause damage or accidents.

6. Leave some boxes for us

Oftentimes, people will try to move all of their boxes to speed up the process and reduce cost. However boxes are very useful while packing a truck, they can fill gaps between furniture items. Moving an extra 15-20 boxes will not significantly affect the duration of the move.

7. Family and friends can help before or after the move

When everyone around wants to help, it can hurt more than it helps. Being professional is a mindset, we do not operate or think the way family members or friends would. Also consider the fact that we can care for safety at every step of the moving process.

8. Empty your drawers

While it’s okay to leave light clothing in your dressers, we recommend you remove all liquids and breakable items. More than likely dressers and TV stands will be transported in an upright position. Removing these items will ease the carry especially while moving IKEA-like furniture.

9. Let us know about oversized furniture at booking

It is quite common that an oversized couch or cabinet would not fit in the elevator or a tight corner. Please do not hesitate to share that information when booking, as this will ensure we bring the right equipment to get the job done.

10. Reserve elevators and parking space when possible

Reserving elevators and a nearby parking space will help the movers focus on the actual move. Once reserved, the elevator doors will not unexpectedly close while your items are being loaded which add to safety and security.