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Our Movers in McKinney have proudly been serving in Collin county since 2004. We aim to provide you with an easy, safe and affordable moving experience. Our McKinney movers have the skills and knowledge to make your residential or business relocation fast, convenient and affordable. We thrive on the recommendations of our past clients and the reputation we have built over the last two decades.

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Getting Organized For Moving By The Best Movers In McKinney

Organizing for a personal or office move can be a heavy task. Everything seems to go so fast and time is not on your side. Getting an early start and good preparation is sure to save you a lot of stress when our McKinney movers arrive! These are some of our tips to avoid last minute surprises on move day:

Make sure to unplug freezers and refrigerators at least 24 hours in advance. Once in the new residence allow at least 6 hours before plugging. When our McKinney movers place the refrigerator in a non-standard position (on a moving dolly) the compressor oil can run out the compressor into refrigerant lines. These lubricants need extra time to settle back down. Our McKinney movers will follow all appropriate measures and procedures.

Lock the drum of your washer and dryers, empty all residue waters from the refuse pipe. Locking the drums from excessive motion during the move will protect the suspension from breaking.

This can be done by inserting metal rods into special slots in the rear of the appliance to secure the drum.

If original packaging is no longer available for your televisions and computer monitors, place them on the side so our McKinney movers can apply proper procedures to secure them. We understand that not everyone keeps their original tv boxes. Our McKinney movers will use the materials we provide to secure your television from top to bottom.

Remove all glass shelving from china cabinets. The Vibration alone from a moving truck can shatter them to pieces. In most cases our McKinney movers will wrap them individually in moving blankets and keep them in a vertical position.

Remove items hanging on the wall, lamps and curtains prior to our McKinney movers arrival. Leave the screws in the wall unless asked to remove them, chances are the new owners are going to do the repainting and patching.

Download a Moving app. You can use the power of technology to make your upcoming move easier, moving apps can guide and assist you with detailed answers on any given aspect of your move. When present our McKinney movers will also provide you with additional answers.

Make a list of all your boxes and what each box contains. You will know if anything goes missing or where you can retrieve your television remote.

A detailed inventory will also make the unpacking process fun and easier for both you and our McKinney Movers so you can get set up into your new home faster.

Fill out change of address form with the post office at least 2 weeks before move date.

Call on our movers in McKinney to plan and execute your move!