Packing Services

As packing experts, Best Movers Dallas has successfully packed and moved goods for many local antique houses and furniture stores. We can take out the stress of packing from your move. Entrusted with thousands of moves per year, we take the utmost care in packing each and everyone of your valuables.

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Our Packing Services

Packing items right the first time almost ensures that every item collected at Point A arrives at Point B in its original condition. We also offer in-home moving consultation to ensure your unique situation is fully understood.

Our packing services include:

We can also supply you with the full array of packing materials which can be delivered directly to you. We are committed to excellence thru integrity and you can rest assured that your valuables are in professional hands.

Move Into A Fully Functional Home

Unpacking can be an overwhelming task at the end of a long moving day. Our team can unpack for you while you focus on other things associated with settling in. You provide the instructions, we handle the rest!

Our unpacking service includes:

Packing Tips and Advice

When is the right time to start packing?

Never wait the last days or last few days to start packing. It’s a time consuming task that happens to be the most important step of the moving process. We recommend you start packing at least 30 days before move date. In a recent poll, 45% of respondents indicated moving is more stressful than a break up or a divorce. Let’s pack early and keep the stress level to a minimum!

What is the best way to pack clothes?

If wardrobes are not within your budget, clean garbage bags can offer excellent protection for your clothes! You read it right. Simply make a hole at the bottom of the garbage bag to allow the hook of the hanger to pass through. You can then place your clothes inside of the bag, and hand it to the movers or carry them in your vehicle. Garbage bags can also be used for a variety of other household items, such as dirty laundry, bed sheets, or pillows!

What is the best way to pack books?

When it comes to packing books, it is commonly assumed that they should simply be placed in a box. The weight and size of the box should be taken into consideration to prevent back injuries, or box collapse. We recommend using rolling carts, or packing the books into smaller boxes that can be more easily carried.

How do I ensure delicate and fragile items won’t break?

Make sure to use plenty of packing paper, newspapers, bubble wrap, or even clothes! This will prevent the items from moving around or rubbing each other. Place newspaper inside glasses and vases.

What about mirrors?

Using masking tape, press it onto the glass making an X out of the tape. The tape will protect the mirror from small shocks and vibrations when moving. Movers will then wrap mirrors in blankets.

How do I move open bottles or containers?

We recommend open bottles and containers be placed in plastic or freezer bags. We can also use plastic wrap to make sure they are sealed tight.

How do I protect my jewelry during the move?

For your piece of mind and ours, you should always move jewelry separately in your vehicle.